Our high regard for people’s personal welfare is what pushes us to create solutions that meet their needs and desires. We want to transform time spent travelling into time to relax, work and learn.

Our study on the behaviors and habits of travelers, allow us to better understand their expectations and to tailor our solutions to their maximum satisfaction.

We go beyond the pursuit of excellence in the technical design of our products, by integrating them with dedicated services to the travelers. The result is a personalized space that is also highly efficient.

Feeling at home means being at ease. And that means giving people the opportunity to entertain their interests, and feel protected in their own space while travelling.

This mission is the main drive of our projects. This is what makes us unique.



During its first year of activity, Optimares developed three patented platforms as a basis for the engineering of six products, with the aim of positioning its offering at the highest differentiation level of the industry.


The first public presentation took place at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo, during which the prototypes of four seats were exhibited, showcasing the company’s technical capabilities and its original product vision to the market.
To crown its initial efforts, Optimares secured sales orders for the seats presented in Hamburg by a top Chinese company. Later, five new products were developed; in particular, the first class seats that currently fly on ECAir’s Boeing 757s. During the same year, the company received the EASA’s ADOA certificate (Alternative procedures for Design Organization Approved); the European aviation authority recognised Optimares’s ability to engineer and certify aircraft interior products


As laid out in the industrial plan, a private investor, Vertis SGR, became the main shareholder, triggering the setting up of the production plant process and enabling the company to be POA certified (Production Organization Approval).


United Continental, the world’s largest airline in terms of numbers of aircraft, chose the VIVA platform, developed by Optimares with Acumen Design, to equip its entire intercontinental fleet.


By winning the contract for all three classes (Eco, Business, and First) of ECAir’s Boeing 787 programme, Optimares became part of the Boeing supplier galaxy.


Thanks to the agreement signed with Hawaiian Airlines, this year represented a turning point for the company. Optimares took care of the airline’s business seat makeover, making it more suited to satisfying the needs of its passengers, who are usually honeymooning couples. This saw the birth of the world’s first leisure class, a unique product tailored to the needs of an atypical and demanding clientele, a seat conceived to balance the passengers’ personal
and professional requirements. Hawaiian Airlines’s Maxima product is much more than a seat; it is the point of contact between the passengers and the airline, devised to represent a first step towards Hawaii, its culture and its lifestyle.


For Maxima, Optimares won the Red Dot Award. The only Italian company to do so besides giants such as Google.


Aria, the new business class seat, conquests the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 at Hamburg.
The concept is one of those genius why-hasn’t-it-been-done before questions. Aisle-side seats are set alternately back-to-back and toe-to-toe, but between the toe-to-toe pairs is a gangway cutout allowing access to both of the window pairs, also back-to-back.
Next to us, Poltrona Frau provided the best finishing with its genuine leatherwork know-hows.


At ITB Berlin travel trade fair, Optimares reveled its brand new economy class seat. The new seat model is Quadra, provides approximately 35% more space than traditional recliner seats. This latest version of the Optimares Quadra seat is yet to become a mature product, and hence it took the title as next-generation seat.


Vivaldi seat welcomed passengers in a unique experience by FOUR SEASONS. The luxury hospitality group enhanced its custom travel offering with private jet concerned for extravagant direct routes and special treats.


The Vivaldi seat has been designed for both high density and low density installation on board of the Private Jet for TCS World Travel. It is made with high quality material and offers exceptional comfort in both configurations during long flights around the world.


The Aria seat has been presented at AIX 2022 in Hamburg and it is currently under NOE process with Airbus to be presented on the Airbus official seat catalogue. It is a new seat concept that provides the most dense business class configuration, meaning more passengers on board in the same available space without compromising the passenger comfort.


The Vivaldi 2.0 seat is an evolution of the Vivaldi seat and it has been improved and customized for BEOND needs, providing a more luxurious and spacious experience to the customer.


Our new seat that with its unique construction allows the passenger to travel in simple relaxed comfort, as if they were at home on their own sofa with full freedom of movement. The multi-direction, multi-dimensional travel environment, free from the restrictions of traditional single plane electrical recline, creates a place of comfort and calm.



The Leadership Optimares, within its marketing activities of aircraft seats and interiors, aims to the continued growth of the organization through the systematic use of operational management tools to ensure product compliance (on-quality), while respecting the plans scheduled (on-time delivery), for full customer satisfaction.

The company development process originates on the reliability both the product and production and management processes and it is made from a sustainable level of competitiveness in the marketplace.

Essential element of such vision is the systematic adoption of decision-making processes arising from the analysis of reliable data based on consistent and disciplined application of defined standards.

For these purposes, it undertakes to comply with the following principles:

  • Ensure the adoption of appropriate management production processes tools to ensure a reliable and flexible programming in accordance with the needs of the market and customers for their complete satisfaction of the product / service provided;
  • Systematically implement the defined standards and shared within the organization by ensuring that responsibilities and operating procedures are clearly defined and disseminated and that they are subject to a specific training in order to ensure their application;
  • Ensure full traceability of products and processes integrated with the supply of raw materials, semi-finished products and components;
  • Develop and support the processes of continuous improvement and risk management through the adoption of the appropriate means preventing scrap and inefficiency;
  • Optimize costs and lead times through integration with the supply chain and focusing on the flow of materials;
  • Ensure the proper and continuous communication within the organization of compliance with law and regulatory requirements;
  • Ensure the proper and continuous communication within the organization, the appropriate training and the systematic monitoring through the audit system stratification. The Optimares Board commits to continuous improvement of its policy which is periodically reviewed, and if necessary updated, and communicated to all staff by supporting the full understanding.

Procedures, rules and instructions have been adopted, to ensure that the values embodied in the policy are reflected in the behavior of its employees and partners. Specific objectives consistent with the view expressed by the Quality Management System Policy are annually defined and disseminated.

Optimares Top Management ensures full spread of its Quality Policy as described in the Quality Management System Manual and in the associated procedures and regulations.



Ethical and
conduct code.

The purpose of the Ethical and Conduct Code is to preserve the value and integrity of the company over time. It is a set of positive principles and rules of conduct that Optimares S.p.A. has voluntarily chosen to adopt and make public as a concrete expression of its intentions towards the subjects it comes into contact with.

The Code is a point of reference for everyday work. All actions, in fact, or relations between people and the outside world, have effects on the company, both positively and negatively.

The Code of Ethics also aims to help people identify ambiguous or potentially risky situations that may arise in carrying out activities, but also relationships or conduct that are not perfectly clear that can damage Optimares.

It is binding for the conduct of directors, employees and all those who work in the name and on behalf of Optimares as it falls within the set of corporate provisions, and also, where expressly provided, it is binding for some external interlocutors, in their contractual relations with Optimares.

Knowing the Code of Ethics thoroughly is therefore a duty, just as it is a duty to apply it. The reputation and success of the company are the result of the attention of all and of each, together.

Supplier code of conduct.pdf


Ethical and conduct code.pdf