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High five:
we did it

As of today, the needs of the Airline truly meet those of the passenger. It’s the debut of a cabin with an incredible density of seats, and focuses on the well-being of the passenger as well.

A premium flight experience, a space management more efficient than ever before. And comfort is always first-class: all seats have direct access to the aisle. Sociality and privacy, relaxation and entertainment, all the excellence of made in Italy design.

6 abreast ultra high density Lopa.

8 abreast alternative high density Lopa with doors.


We have studied a full flat seat platform able to adapt to different types of aircraft. The modular design allows to have at the same time the same structural details on different machines. The passenger will thus always travel in the same environment, finding the same degree of comfort and luxury each time even if in different cabins, without finding any differences with the previous trip.

aisle access
for everyone.

Large console for efficient
storage spaces and stowages.