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The only buttons
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SoFab just needs these buttons
to reward you with maximum comfort.

The design that does
not weigh to the future.

The unique design of the Sofab consists of far fewer components than a traditional electrically reclining seat, which has many benefits when considering the drive to a sustainable aviation industry.

No electrical components, besides the IFE, mean that there is a considerable reduction in the manufacturing of such items, and certainly a greatly reduced supply chain, resulting in less energy during component manufacturing and shipping time costs.

Materials from sustainable sources will be the focus through the use of recycled or recyclable products in manufacturing, as well as lean manufacturing principles. Finally, with a per passenger seat weight of approx. 50kg (not including IFE components, seat belts, life vest), the Sofab represents on average a greater than 50% weight saving when compared to similar seats (guaranteed seat weight between 50 to 60 kg depending on final technical selected package and Trim & Finish). Therefore, the impressive reduction in weight equates to a significant fuel burn reduction and a reduction in carbon footprint.

You don’t need a button
to be happy.

Easy transformation of the seat

Manual mechanism, no electric movements (easiness in positioning the additional cushion in order to create bed space).



The highly efficient and effective design of the SoFab creates on average a bed surface area that is more than 25% greater than comparable high end business class seats. At a 42” pitch the usable bed length is 78” with a maximum width of almost 40”. This enables the passenger to sleep in any position they choose; back, side, front, curled up or stretched out. Sleep on a long haul flight is a luxury.

Like at home.

When it comes to dining, passengers will be able to easily deploy a stable large bi fold meal table measuring 12” x 22”, big enough to create a relaxed dining experience. The table can be then used in its folded form to create a cocktail side table for use during the cruise. Thanks to its movability, the passenger can still exit the seat with the table fully deployed.

Incredible bed space

Effective centre privacy divider

Convenient stowage

Large bi-fold table

Superb underseat stowage

Up to 21" Fixed Monitor

All the advantages
of essentiality.

The cabin layout ensures a passenger count that meets current market standards in terms of density and revenue generation, whilst still enabling a luxurious travel experience.

With the Sofab, Optimares is placing great emphasis on optimised maintenance. The overall seat is less complex than a traditional electrically reclining seat as it employs no actuation system. This results in the removal of risk that there will be a seat malfunction resulting in the blocking of a seat for sale. The only electrical items in the seat will be the IFE and any associated in seat power provision and lighting. This ensures a high level of risk free seat availability and little on-board maintenance, either on wing during stops or during regular airworthiness checks.

There would therefore be a considerable saving on spare parts as most parts held in stock are traditionally mechanical and part of the seat recline and actuation mechanism.

A high end premium cabin product that returns to the essentials.
A sofa that with a simple mechanical movement becomes a bed.