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Comfort becomes

The superior quality travel experience
for leisure travelers

With Maxima, we have created a product designed to make travel a vacation experience from the first minute. Our Leisure Class Seat is equipped with all the typical features of business class products, but designed for a less experienced audience who may find managing the many features challenging.

For this reason, everything in Maxima has been designed to be intuitive and immediate.

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The finishes of Maxima are of the highest quality to guarantee a sense of exclusivity to the passenger. The materials used are high-quality fabrics and leathers, the furniture that contains it is made of painted composite material, and the use of plastics is minimized. Even the privacy divider is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere and transport the passenger metaphorically to the desired destination.

Maxima is ideal for those traveling as a couple, favoring socialization but ensuring privacy when needed. With personal access to the aisle for each passenger, you will never have to disturb anyone just to stretch your legs. Maxima is a versatile and modern platform designed to offer ample space and comfort during travel. Thanks to its innovative design, Maxima transforms the cabin into a large lounge, allowing passengers to enjoy every moment of the journey.

Choose Maxima to enjoy every minute
of your journey in complete relaxation.

Maxima is the perfect choice for those who desire a superior quality travel experience, with exquisite finishes, intuitive features, and an innovative design that transforms the cabin into a large lounge.

High density and all aisle access options available.

In a high density configuration, maxima delivers a 77” bed at a 58” pitch.
When the pitch is increased to 71”, maxima plus delivers aisle access for all passengers while still delivering a very competitive PAX density.
The seats are installed at an angle of less than 12 degrees. This allows a traditional certification process.