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The product is conceived around passengers’ needs to satisfy them constantly and fully, but it is also designed to better integrate with the cabin procedures and the on-board services, with the aim of generating a fully satisfactory experience and a lasting connection with the airline.

The LOPA has been designed to give the passengers the sensation of open space and prevent them from hitting it with their knees, even if it is 95° percentile, and, in particular, during the transition to relax position.

Smart lounge.

living space.

The Personal Living Space is uncompromising, generous and ergonomic, to ensure that the passenger can feel at ease in any situation. The configuration was chosen to guarantee the best experience, while also making it possible for the company to optimize the seats count.

The bed is very generous in size and guarantees plenty of space. The shoulder space is optimal and the configuration allows it to be further extend, also taking advantage of the support offered by the stowed armrest.

The bed position is achievable
by crew manual operation.

Comfort is not simply the consequence of technical choices such as the softness of a cushion or the tactile sensation of precious upholstery, but it is a strategy aimed at reassuring, generating a sense of protection and inducing passengers to relax, reducing their stress level and helping them master their space.

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Our primary objective is precisely to reduce the passenger stress level also by creating a better synergy with the aircraft systems: for example, one of the starting points in the development of the product was to ensure that the ventilation system of the A321 would maintain maximum effectiveness inside the seat, in all the positions the passenger may assume.