May 27, 2024

Great Success for Optimares at the iF Design Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that Optimares has achieved a significant milestone at the iF Design Awards! On April 29, during the Gala event in Berlin, Ascanio Malgarini, CEO and Senior Designer of GOOOD srl, our long-standing partner, proudly received the prestigious iF award, accompanied by his splendid daughter Blu. This recognition is not just an award but a celebration of our dedication to innovation and sustainability in design.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is among the most prestigious design awards in the world. With over 10,000 entries from around 70 countries, the competition is a global benchmark for design excellence. Owned by the non-profit iF Design Foundation, this award highlights the global impact of design, ensuring impartiality through a professional jury that adheres to strict selection criteria.

This year, the esteemed and diverse jury, consisting of 132 renowned design experts from over 20 countries, had the challenging task of identifying and rewarding the best designs in the world. Receiving such recognition from such a qualified panel fills us with immense pride. Our innovative creation, the “SoFab” project, has revolutionized the concept of flying with style and sustainability. The jury awarded our project for its ability to combine sustainable luxury and business class comfort.

SoFab for Sustainable Luxury and Business Class Comfort

“SoFab” is not just a product; it is a vision for the future. With reduced weight per passenger and without complex electrical components, “SoFab” positively impacts fuel consumption and reduces waste in the supply chain, promoting eco-friendly travel. This recognition underscores not only the quality of our design but also our long-term commitment to sustainable and innovative practices.

During the award ceremony, Ascanio Malgarini shared the stage with his daughter Blu, highlighting the familial and human nature of our work. This award is not just a recognition of our technical skills but also of the passion and dedication we put into every project. Our collaboration with GOOOD srl has proven to be a powerful synergy, capable of pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.

Congratulations to the entire team for leading innovation in sustainable design! Your dedication and hard work continue to set us apart in the design industry. This success would not have been possible without the contribution of each one of you.